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Mathilda Karlsson Hagnell

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About me

A successful vehicle design must couple functional performance with competitive cost.  To achieve a competetive cost,; methodologies and strategies that simultaneously predict and design with respect to functional performance and resulting lifecycle costs are required. To make full use of the available design envelope with regards to material selection, geometry and manufacturability as well as production costs, it is important to address these design aspects in an early conceptual development phase.  This is where predictive technical cost modelling becomes important.

In March 2019 I finished my PhD-studies, resulting in the thesis "Technical cost modelling and efficient design of lightweight composites in structural applications". I then started my PostDoc-studies within the centre of ECO2 Vehicle Design (  where I am currently focusing on applying and broadening the topic of my Phd-thesis, with focus on durable vehicle engineering applications. I am also part of the management team within the centre of ECO2, and I supervise Master thesis students and PhD-students on a regular basis. 

Profile picture of Mathilda Karlsson Hagnell