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Mengshu Hao

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About me

Check out our new group webpage:! There you'll find details on current group members and projects, regular news updates on the group's activities, and info on how to contact us!


Driving by passion and curiosity, I am learning to be an excellent enzyme biochemist and molecular biologist. I have expertise in study and analysis of novel enzymes, and enzyme-based materials that derived from plant and microbes. I desire to make sustainable products that could make our society better, make people healthier, and make the planet cleaner.

Current Research

In CAZyme Stockholm group, I am focusing on developing a Sustainable Hydrogel. The hydrogel formation is free from fossil-based polymers and chemical synthesis steps. The hydrogel forms with simple mixture of polysaccharides and protein. I am also interest to cross-link different bio-functional enzymes to our sustainable hydrogels with medical/industrial/food/cosmetic applications.

Teaching in KTH

Beatriz Monteiro - Master's thesis student, autumn 2021, Supervisor

Srijani Saha - summer intern 2021. Main supervisor

Ossian Ericson - Master's thesis student, spring 2021. Co-supervisor