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Malin Henningsson

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My research studies began in 2014. I am a part time industrial PhD-student at the ITM-school at KTH. My research concerns leadership and management at universities and in particular recruitment and career systems at universities as a tool for this.

In a first study I have been looking at the introduction of academic career systems at three Swedish universities. The work has been published as an article "Translating tenure track into Swedish: tensions when implementing an academic career system" which can be reached from the publication list.

In a second study I have been focusing on recruitment from business into universities through the appointment of senior industry practitioners as part-time visiting professors, called adjunct professors. The work has been published as an article "Senior Industry Practitioners as Part-Time Visiting Professors: The Various Benefits of Collaboration" which can be reached from the publication list.

In a project I have just started I will look at the the development of the academic career in Sweden.

I am also a member of the project "StARS – Strategic Action and Response Strategies in a Changing Swedish Higher Education Landscape 1993-2013" financed by Riksbankens Jubileumsfond (RJ). 


I have a Master degree from Uppsala University from 2010 with a political science major. After graduating, I have worked with research financing at the Knowledge Foundation (KK-stiftelsen). In my role as administrator of research and manager of programmes for recruitments, I have acquired knowledge about assessment and evaluation of research, strategic recruitment at universities, and collaboration between the academic world and industry.


Address: Osquars backe 31
Telefonnummer: 073-712 81 55

Profile picture of Malin Henningsson


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