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Nelson Sommerfeldt

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About me

Originally from the far northern reaches of Upper Michigan, I am now based in Stockholm, Sweden as a Researcher in Prosumer Energy Systems. My work is focused on sustainable energy in the built environment with the goal of empowering individuals with information and technology to take matters into their own hands.

More specifically, my research is focused on electrical and thermal energy supply in buildings and cities and stems from solar photovoltaic (PV) integration. Technologically, integration extends into heat pumps, stationary batteries, electric vehicles, solar thermal collectors, and seasonal thermal storage. Socio-economically, integration means using traditional engineering economics, business model innovation, energy policy, and decision making behavior. I'm a big fan of stochastic modeling techniques and using probabilistic tools in place of deterministic analysis.


Energy Management (MJ2511), teacher | Course web

Energy Systems for Smart Cities (MJ2520), course responsible, teacher | Course web

Integrated Energy Systems for Buildings (MJ2521), teacher | Course web

Methods of research in sustainable energy (MJ2510), teacher | Course web

Renewable Energy Technology (MJ2411), teacher | Course web