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Nils Johansson

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About me

I am a researcher (Phd) and teacher at the Division of Strategic Sustainability Studies, at the SEED department, KTH.  My research and teaching concerns sustainability, politics and waste. More precisely, I am interested in how waste relates to institutions, such as regulations, culture and attitudes. Currently, I am the research leader of research projects in relation to the politics of a circular economy, taking an interest in different ideas of circularity, how circulation should be governed and how conflicts in the transition towards circulation should be handled. In connection to this, I am involved in collaboration with a broad group of actors such as engineers, social and natural scientists, government organizations, NGO:s and businesses. On a regular basis, I debate and analyzes sustainability-related issues and themes in the Swedish media.

Publications (Google scholar)


Degree Project in Energy and Environment, First level (AL127X), teacher | Course web

Strategies for Sustainable development (AL1145), course responsible | Course web