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Nirmal Kumar Iyer

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About me :

I am a Researcher (forskare) working with Prof. Mark Pearce in the Particle and Astroparticle group at KTH. I am interested in the study of high energy astronomical sources like neutron stars and black holes. I work on building new and improved X-ray detector systems for studying these sources.

Current work :

I am working with detector simulations and anti-coincidence readout improvements for the next balloon flight of the X-Calibur polarimeter. These improvements are aimed at obtaining sensitive polarisation measurements of high energy emission from bright X-ray emitting astronomical sources.

Bio :

I love the challenges involved in designing and calibrating detectors to do innovative science. I did my Ph.D from IISc and ISRO on X-ray transients and their study with sky monitors like SSM on AstroSat

I have also been involved with development of the POLIX and SPHiNX polarimeter missions, contributing in the design optimisation and hardware development activities.

I have worked on using data from these X-ray observatories to probe the emission mechanisms (like cyclotron lines, pulse profiles, absorption features and Compton reflection) from different neutron star and black hole binary systems.

Recent publications :

(For a complete list see my ORCID )

  1. Abarr Q. et al. 2020 XL-Calibur – a second-generation balloon-borne hard X-ray polarimetry mission
  2. Abarr Q. et al. 2020 Observations of a GX 301-2 Apastron Flare with the X-Calibur Hard X-Ray Polarimeter Supported by NICER, the Swift XRT and BAT, and Fermi GBM
  3. Kushwah R. et al. 2019 A Compton polarimeter using scintillators read out with MPPCs through Citiroc ASIC
  4. Heckmann L. et al. 2019 Gamma-ray burst localization strategies for the SPHiNX hard x-ray polarimeter
  5. Pearce M. et al. 2018 Science prospects for SPHiNX – A small satellite GRB polarimetry mission



Astroparticle Physics (SH2204), assistant | Course web

Profile picture of Nirmal Kumar Iyer