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Ola Persson

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About me

My research interest includes sustainable consumption, sufficiency, theories of transition and the link between economic growth and wellbeing.

In particular, I am interested in exploring how different societal actors, such as businesses, poliymakers and NGOs can enable and promote sufficiency /post-growth related practices. In addition, I have an interest in exploring how transformations towards post-growth societies can be achieved in a just and equitable way.

I succesfully defended my PhD thesis "Scaling sufficiency: Towards less material consumption" on the 14th of October, 2022.

I am part of the MISTRA funded programme: Sustainable consumption - from niche to mainstream:

The focus of the programme will be on sustainable consumption practices within food, furnishing and vacation that currently take place in niches and the transition of those in to mainstream in Sweden by 2030. Furthermore the research will focus on how the envisioned transition will contribute to a better quality of life and equity, within and across borders, as well as the role and impacts on companies, governmental bodies, and civil society. The aim of the research will be to produce knowledge about enabling factors, obstacles, and forms of interaction between the market, civil society, and politics that are necessary for this mainstreaming process. The knowledge produced will be the result of cooperation with stakeholders, and will be co-created with societal partners.


Degree Project in Urban and Regional Planning, Second Cycle (AG212X), teacher | Course web

Planning and Governance of Urban and Regional Development (AG1137), assistant | Course web

Political Economy for Environmental Planners (AG2142), teacher | Course web