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Om Prakash Yadav

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About me

I did my bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering from Indian Institute of Information Technology Design & Manufacturing Jabalpur, in 2011. Then I worked as Project Associate at National Wind Tunnel Facility at Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur from 2011 to 2013, where I was involved in prototype modeling, fabrication and testing of aerodynamic structures. I did my masters in Physical Metallurgy from Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee in 2015. My master's thesis was to develop industrial method for processing steel foam through powder metallurgy route. I did my PhD from Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur. My doctoral research was about Dynamics of Rail Vehicle Couplers. I was actively involved in Industry 4.0 upgradation of Modern Coach Raibareili during my PhD course. Then I worked as freelancer and was involved in railway coupler and disc brake design and manufacturing. Finally I joined as postdoc in rail vehicle group at KTH and is working on rail wear and damages.

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