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Rahul Palulli

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About me

Ph.D. from the University of Melbourne | Alumnus of Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur | Worked as Deputy Manager - R&D, Engine Design, Hero MotoCorp Ltd.

Performed various computational studies relevant to gas turbine combustion and gas turbine blade cooling, as part of masters, Ph.D. and postdoctoral research projects. Postdoctoral research project investigates wet combustion of various fuels such as Syngas, Hydrogen and Methane in a swirl-stabilized gas turbine combustor. Large-eddy simulations were used for the analyses. Ph.D. research focussed on computational studies (direct numerical simulation - DNS) related to flame-wall interaction and the related emission aspects, relevant to gas turbine combustion. Masters' thesis emphasised on analysing the heat transfer of a rotating cooled gas turbine blade, computationally (using commercial software - ANSYS FLUENT) and analytically.

Industrial experience of 2.5 years as 'Deputy Manager - R&D' in the Engine Design section of a reputed two-wheeler manufacturer (Hero MotoCorp Ltd.). Was a part of the team primarily responsible for designing cylinder head assembly, inlet and exhaust manifolds. Involved in various projects including but not limited to the design (and/or modification) of new (and/or existing) scooter/motorcycle models, modification of models to meet the latest emission norms etc.