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My job as Vice Dean of KTH 2010-2019

I have been responsible for the education at the 1st, 2nd and 3rd cycle (Bachelor's, Master's and PhD levels) at the central KTH management for nine years from July 2010 until March 31st 2019. The role I had changed into two from April 1st 2019 and I then handed over most of my responsibilities and daily duties to the new Vice President of Education, Leif Kari. The other important part of representing the KTH Faculty as Vice Dean of Faculty in the Faculty Council at KTH was taken over by Sofia Ritzén from July 1st 2019.

In my role, I was reporting directly to the KTH President and I chaired the monthly meetings with the Directors of first- and second cycle education (bachelor- and master level education) at the Schools, I chaired the monthly meetings with the Directors of the third cycle education (PhD education) at the Schools and I chaired the Education Committee at KTH.

I am very proud of what we have achieved together during nine years of educational development at KTH! It has been a true pleasure to work with all creative and enthusiastic people all over KTH. Thank you! 

On this page just a few of the challenges & projects I have been working with during these years are summarized with links to interviews and articles in various media.


The Vice Dean says goodbye after nine years 2019 (English):

New internal quality review system 2018 (English):

The importance of keeping the preparatory year at universities 2018:

In Swedish:, Ingenjören (Swedish):


"Distance learning is an old-fashioned term in the era of digitalized education" 2018. The report from the union claims KTH has canceled all distance-learning courses, interview with Per  clarifies this (in Swedish): 

New study documentation system Ladok to KTH 2018 (in Swedish):

"Investment in IT education" 2018 (in Swedish). Satsning på IT-utbildningar? Artikel från Computer Sweden:

"Ladies first" 2018 (in Swedish). Interview for the student magazine Osqledaren: (unfortunately not available online anymore)

Joint biannual large meetings with education directors "Storträffar" (previously GAUPA):

2014 (Swedish):
2018 (Swedish): 

Massive Open Online Courses at KTH, MOOCs (English): 

Internal quality review of the PhD-level education, FUS 2014-2015 (English): 

Interview with Per before the election 2015 (English):

Open hearing of candidates for the election 2015 (English):

New system for distribution of funding for education at level 1 and 2 to the KTH schools 2015 (English):

Web site about The Faculty elections 2011 and 2015

Educational developers at the KTH schools 2014-2016 (English): 

Change of the grading system for BSc and MSc thesis assessment 2014 (in Swedish):

International alliances Dean's Forum, NordicFiveTech and Nordtek

Deans Forum (English): 

NordicFiveTech (English):


UKÄ quality evaluation 2012 (English):

Internal quality review "Education Assessment Exercise, EAE 2011"

Planning of the EAE 2011 (English): 

Results of the EAE (English):

Project Summary (English): 

S. Karlsson och P. Berglund, "Education Assessment Exercise (EAE) - A path to quality enhancement in engineering education?," Proceedings of the 40th SEFI Annual Conference 2012 - Engineering Education 2020 : Meet the Future, 2012. Scopus ID: 2-s2.0-84939489765 

KTH Education Quality Lunch Seminars 2010-2019. Article about the first seminar 2010 (Swedish): 

Interview with Per after the appointment in 2010 (English):