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Rohollah Nasiri

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Post doc scholarship fellow


Tomtebodavägen 23A, Solna

About me

I am a bioengineer with an educational background in mechanical engineering and bioengineering. My Ph.D. thesis was about the design, fabrication, and simulation of microfluidic systems for separating circulating tumor cells from blood using passive and active methods. During my Ph.D., I joined one of the world-leading bioengineering labs at the University of California, Los Angeles and Terasaki Institute for Biomedical innovation (Prof. Ali Khademhossini's Lab) for two years, and I extended my research area further to organ-on-a-chip and tissue engineering fields. My research interests are microfluidics, organ-on-a-chip, tissue engineering, biofabrication and biosensors. I have published over 30 peer-reviewed articles which some of my contributed papers have been published in leading journals, including Cell, Nature Nanotechnology, Advanced Materials, Matter, Biomaterials, Small, and Small Methods.

 Currently, I am working as a  postdoctoral researcher at Prof. Anna Herland's lab at KTH Royal Institute of Technology. My current research focuses on Brain-on-a-chip integrated with metabolic biosensors.

If you are interested to join my subgroup as a visiting researcher, internship program or to conduct your master thesis please contact me via email: