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Sara Sardari Sayyar

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About me

Sara Sardari Sayyar is an architect, urban designerand PhD Candidate in Applied Urban Design at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. With a special interest in urban diversity and its definition in cities. The research focuses on finding methods to quantify functional diversity as well as trying to explore the relation or interaction that exists between urban form, in general, and developed functional diversity in cities.

Ongoing project

  • Study the distribution of retail in Stockholm comparing the intensity and diversity of shops in both local suburban centers and between the inner city and the outer city.

  • Tries to redefine Jane Jacobs’ four criteria (1961), which according to her were necessary for development of diverse public spaces, into measurable concepts. The last part of the project includes running correlation analyses between the values of diversity in economic activities and the four redefined criteria measures of spatial form on Jacobs’ criteria.

Contributions to conferences

  • Marcus, L. & Sardari Sayyar, S (2013). Designing differences- interpreting and testing Jane Jacobs’ criteria for urban diversity in space syntax terms. Proceedings of the ninth International Space Syntax Symposium, South Korea.
  • Sardari sayyar, S. (2012). Retail mix and Urban Diversity-Urban form and its influence on spatial distribution and diversity of retail activities. NCCR 12, 2nd Nordic Conference on Consumer Research
  • Choi, E., & Sardari Sayyar, S. (2012). Urban diversity and pedestrian behavior- refining the concept of land-use mix for walkability. Eighth International Space Syntax Symposium. Santiago de Chile.
  • Sardari Sayyar, S., & Marcus, L. (2011). Urban diversity and how to measure it –an operational definition of classes and scales. Presented at the 18th International Seminar on Urban Form, Montreal.
Profile picture of Sara Sardari Sayyar