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Conference Papers

  • S. Yi, S. Liu , X. Xu, XV Wang, S. Yan and L. Wang *, "A vision-based human-robot collaborative system for digital twin," Procedia CIRP of the 55th Conference on Manufacturing Systems, Vol.107, pp.552-557, June 2022.
  • S. Liu , L. Wang * , XV Wang, C. Cooper, and Robert X. Gao, "Leveraging multimodal data for intuitive robot control towards human-robot collaborative assembly,"  Procedia CIRP of the 54th Conference on Manufacturing Systems , Vol. 104, pp.206-211, 2021.
  • E. Flores-García, Y. Jeong, M. Wiktorsson, S. Liu , L. Wang, G. Kim, "Digital Twin-based services for smart production logistics," In2021 Winter Simulation Conference (WSC) December 2021, pp. 1-12. IEEE. doi:  10.1109 / WSC52266.2021.9715526
  • S. Liu , L. Wang * , XV Wang and M. Wiktorsson, "Complex-Network-Based Cyber-Physical Production Systems Subject to Cascading Failures,"  Proceedings of 2020 Swedish Production Symposium , October 2020. ( Best Paper Award )
  • S. Liu , L. Wang * , XV Wang and M. Wiktorsson, "A Framework of Data-Driven Dynamic Optimization for Smart Production Logistics,"  Proceedings of 2020 IFIP Conference on Advances in Production Management Systems , Part II, pp.213- 221, September 2020. ( Best Paper Award
  • S. Liu , L. Wang * and XV Wang, "Symbiotic Human-Robot Collaboration: Multimodal Control Using Function Blocks,"  Procedia CIRP of the 53rd Conference on Manufacturing Systems , Vol.93, pp.1188-1193, July 2020.  https : //
  • L. Wang*, S. Liu, H. Liu and X. V. Wang, "Overview of Human-Robot Collaboration in Manufacturing," Proceedings of 5th International Conference on the Industry 4.0 Model for Advanced Manufacturing, pp.15-58, June 2020. (Keynote Paper)
  • S. Liu, Y. Wang, X.V. Wang, and L. Wang*. "Energy-efficient trajectory planning for an industrial robot using a multi-objective optimisation approach." Procedia Manufacturing, Vol.25, pp.517-525, 2018.
  • S. Liu , G. Zhang, and L. Wang * . "IoT-enabled dynamic optimization for sustainable reverse logistics." Procedia CIRP,  Vol.69, pp.662-667, 2018.
  • Y. Zhang, S. Liu , S. Si, and H. Yang. "Production system performance prediction model based on manufacturing big data." In  2015 IEEE 12th International Conference on Networking, Sensing and Control , pp.277-280, 2015.

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