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Micael Stehr

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About me

Micael Stehr received his Ph.D. in wood technology, from KTH, 1999. After a post doc period (1999-2000) at "AEWC" (the Advanced Engineered Wood Composites Center & the Advanced Structures and Composites Laboratory), University of Maine, ME, and University of Louisiana at Lafayette, LA, USA, he worked as a researcher at KTH.

Between 2001 and 2018 he hold positions as centre director for "FPIRC" (Forest Products Industry Research College), and deputy centre director for "BiMaC Innovation" (Biofibre Materials Centre Innovation) at the department of Solid Mechanics, at the school for Engineering Science at KTH.

Since 2018 he works as a senior advisor at Research Support Office (RSO), KTH, with the following portfolio:

​Nordic Five Tech is a strategic alliance of the five leading technical universities Technical University of Denmark in Denmark, Aalto University in Finland, Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Norway and Chalmers University of Technology, and KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden. The alliance was established in November 2006 with the goal of utilizing the shared and complementary strengths and creating synergies within education, research and innovation.

Nordic Five Tech is governed by the Nordic Five Tech Committee. The chairmanship of the alliance alternates annually between the universities and has a secretariat where I am the responsible person from KTH.

KTH, Karolinska Institutet and Stockholm University entered in 2019 into the University Alliance Stockholm Trio with the aim of developing and highlighting the internationally prominent research and education environment that the three universities form in the Stockholm region. The Alliance’s steering group has appointed a coordination secretariat to prepare and coordinate the work within the university alliance, where I am the KTH representative.

  • 2021-: KTH’s 200 anniversary celebration

KTH celebrates its 200-year anniversary in 2027. The jubilee celebrations aims; to build pride among employees, students, alumni and partners, highlight successful and competitive research and emphasize the high quality education that KTH offers. I am project co-ordinator for the secretariat who handle the celebrations.

Former work at KTH

2021-2022: Project leader – RAE director – of the Research Assessment Exercise (RAE), which takes place every six year as a part of the KTH quality system for research. The RAE 2021 was based on nine subject-focused panels; all 29 KTH departments were grouped into nine panels (within similar areas) and three cross-panels (focusing on important issues that are critical to the whole of KTH: Impact, Research infrastructure, and Sustainable development).

2021-2022: Member of the co-ordination group for SSL – Senseable Stockholm Lab.


Academic: See ”Google scholar profile_Stehr

Other by selection:

2023:"Dress Code and Dress Etiquette – A book for men in social life, which also covers academic dress, clerical dress, uniforms and awards" (ISBN: 978-91-89792-04-3; in Swedish). A book about common sense and etiquette, limited to clothing and dress codes for men in Sweden: What does e.g. the terms blazer, lounge suit, informal dress, morning coat, dinner jacket, tail coat, and national costume mean and what are these terms called in other languages?

In addition, an account is given of what attire - clothes - can be used for various invitations, dress regulations and dress codes. The book also covers something about rings, orders, medals, order societies and what applies to hosts during invitations, as well as what clothing is (normally) used for certain occasions: Such as confirmation, weddings, baptism, confirmation, matriculation, academic life, at mourning and funeral services, visits and receptions (cocktail and garden parties) at the Opera, theatre and restaurant visits as well as at masquerade and costume parties.

2018:Co-author, and chair of the steering group for, Bromma church's anniversary book: “Bromma church 850 years”. (Bromma parish; in Swedish) (ISBN: 978-91-639-8116-6).

2001:”Coat of arms in Bromma church” (Bromma parish; in Swedish).