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Tove Alm

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Arbetar på Science for Life Laboratory

About me

Resourceful, goal-oriented project manager with a great interest in communications and management, and a background in combinatorial engineering, protein production, purification, and characterization.

After receiving my PhD in Biotechnology at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in 2010, I worked as Lab Head at GE Healthcare Demonstration Laboratory before joining the research group headed by Prof. Mathias Uhlén as project manager in 2013.

Currently working as Center Coordinator for the Wallenberg Center for Protein Research, Head of Communications at the Human Protein Atlas, and Manager for Antibodypedia.


  • Coordinator Wallenberg Center for Protein Research (WCPR), KTH, 2016-present
  • Coordinator Affinity Binder Knockdown Initiative, KTH, 2015-present
  • Head of Communications Human Protein Atlas, KTH, 2015-present
  • Manager Antibodypedia, KTH, 2013-present
  • Lab Head GE Healthcare DemoLab (at SciLifeLab), GE Healthcare Life Sciences, 2011-2013
  • Communications Manager, KTH, 2010-2011