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Viktor Engström

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Om mig

I'm a PhD student in my final year at the the Center for Cyber Defense and Information Security (CDIS) and the Division of Network and Systems Engineering (NSE). My research topic is primarily cyber attack computer simulations with attack graphs. Before KTH, I finished my MSc in information security at Stockholm University in the spring of 2019.

I'm currently working on developing and finalizing the Dynamic Meta Attack Language (DynaMAL), an extension and re-interpretation of the original Meta Attack Language. DynaMAL simulations lets adversaries add and remove objects during the simulations as events unfold. This makes DynaMAL flexible enough to replicate how malware could wipe systems or how resources in the cloud might move around, for instance. When finished, DynaMAL will come with a set of tools, including:

  • Dync - A lightweight compiler
  • Dynm - A CLI modeler
  • Dynp - A simulation platform

My computer science interests are a mixed bag of topics but an excerpt is: working with graphs, network science, general modeling and simulation, agent-based simulation, designing languages, design science, ethical hacking, complexity science, and delving into functional programming.

Previously worked on:




Avancerad etisk hackning (FEP3370), lärare, assistent | Kurswebb

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Etisk hackning (EP282U), assistent | Kurswebb

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