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This is the list of project I am or has been involved in:

Vinnova ForeFuture with Recorded Future, Foreseeti and Swedavia (2021-2023)

KTH Digital Futures Democtritus - Desicion-making in critical societal infrastructures

Vinnova Self-predicting and inter-communicating electric drives for industrial process
 with ABB, Imagimob, Ericsson and Lumen Radio (2018-2021)

Vinnova iWater (2017, 2018-2020)

CALM (2016-2020)

EU FP7 Hydrobionets, STERP (2012-2014)

EU FP7 GreenEyes, FET (2012-2014)

EU FP7 Sendora (2009-2012)

VR Topology optimization (2009-2012)

Vinnova CROPS I, II (2007-2012)

SSF Winternet

ACCESS Mobbeskajp, COCOM, NetCV