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Looking for excellent Postdoc candidates

Looking for excellent Postdoc candidates!


I look for students with a postdoc scholarship and am willing to support those searching such scholarship actively. Prerequisites are that you received your Ph.D. latest three years ago and that you have an original research idea that matches your background and the general research areas in my lab.


If you already have a postdoc scholarship, please email me ().

If you want to apply for external postdoc funding (e.g. Marie Curie scholarship) to perform a postdoc in my lab, please email me one file with max three pages containing the following information:

1)    Your previous BSc, MSc, and Ph.D. study areas.

2)    Your publication list.

3)    Your personal research idea (max 1 page)

4)    What makes your approach unique (max 0.5 pages)

5)    The potential impact of your idea / how will it change the world (max 0.5 pages)

6)    Why you are the person suited to do this specific research (max 3 bullet points)

7)    What you expect from me/my lab (max 3 bullet points)


Best wishes,


Wouter van der Wijngaart

Professor in Micro and Nanosystems,

KTH Royal Institute of Technology