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projects and assignments:
Vice president for international education, 2002-2007.
Advisor to the president 2008
Vice president for international affairs 2009-2016
Director of the Energy Platform 2010-2014, creating a viable platform with the annual 'Energy Dialogue',
Advisor to and evaluator of international initiatives
Developing partnership with universities in India, Japan, China, US, Europe, Australia and South Africa.
Initiating Erasmus Mundus Programs at KTH
Sectretary General of CLUSTER, 2005-2009
Member of the managing board of CESAER, 2005-2008.
Leading the Swedish University in Pakistan project, 2004-2009
Securing the set up of the National University of Singapore (NUS) first Overseas Campus in Europe at KTH
The EIT KIC InnoEnergyconsortium founder, developping proposal, leader of governance group and education, member of the board 2010-2013;  Interim CEO 2010 for the Swedish Co Location Center.
Setting up the Swedish Center at Shanghai Jiatong 2013 and support to KTH joint reserach centra in China (2003-2016)
PI for STINT strategic partnership with Tsinghua University 'C-Campus'
Leader of the Pharos University of Alexandria project (2007-2016)
Developping partnership with external stakeholders like universities, public bodies and corporate partners.
Organizer (chairperson) of the University-Business Forum 'The Entrepreneurial University' in Stockholm, March 2014.
Developping the EIT KIC InnoLife proposal, in particular governance (chairperson of working group) and proposal content, as well as partnerships 2014-2015
Contributing to the EIT KIC RawMATter consortium
Securing KTH membership in EIT KIC consortium Urban Mobility 2014
PI for STINT strategic partnership on 'challenge driven education' with UDSM, Tanzania
Initiating KTH Global development hub jointly with Margareta Norell Bergendahl -
initiating teacher handbook on 'Challenge driven education' with Margareta Norell Bergendahl
Guest professor Peking University 2006-2012
Guest Professor Shanghai Jiatong University 2018
Guest Professor Szechuan University 2018-2021
Guest Professor at the University of Electronics, Science and Technology Chengdu 2018-2021
Member of the international advisory board of SJTU
Interim director of Center for new energy technology Oskarshamn
chairperson of CET2022

Physics - Nuclear Science:
For list of publications, please confer to Google Scholar.
Lecture about 'symmetry energy'


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