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Xing Xuan

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I have completed my Ph.D in the laboratory of Advanced Sensor and Energy Research Laboratory (ASER) at Kwangwoon University (Department of Electrical Engineering, Republic of Korea, Sep 2014 - Aug 2019). I have been nominated as a visiting assistant professor at department of Electrical Engineering in Pyongyang University of Science & Technology for Autumn semester (DPR Korea, 2019). During the visiting period, a postdoctoral researcher position was offered from KTH Royal Institute of Technology (School of Engineering Sciences in Chemistry, Biotechnology and Health, Sweden) where I am continuing till now (from Feb 2020).

     From 2016, I have participated in various types of projects containing flexible/stretchable electronics for healthcare (environment) applications via tacit collaboration with institutes (USA, Korea, Sweden, China, Netherland, Belgium) where I learnt how to adapt gained skills to emerging research fields. My research career has mainly been focused on engineering science in micro/nano fabrication and nano-materials; and to use those techniques to develop wearable sensing systems for sports and health-care (both non-invasive and semi-implantable). My scientific contributions cover the wide spectra among sensors with cutting-edge mechanisms, micro/nano fabrications, hardware and software for practical sensing systems,  nano materials, and electroanalytical chemistry. I have published 22 papers in peer reviewed journals (Citations > 1000, H-Index = 15, i-10 index = 15), 15 conference papers, and 1 patent (Korea). Apart from that, I have also worked as a co-applicant in writing proposals and project assistant.

Profile picture of Xing Xuan