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Erica Zeglio

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Om mig

Research Interests and Background

I am an interdisciplinary scientist with experience in organic electronic materials, organic bioelectronics, and materials chemistry. My research is driven by the need for materials and device designs that provide better performance (e.g., for sensing), with a particular focus on bioelectronic applications, and improve the long-term impact of modern technological products.

I received a M.Sc. in chemistry from Pavia University (Italy) in 2012 and a PhD in "Biomolecular and Organic Electronics" form Prof. Olle Inganäs group at Linköping University (Sweden) in 2016. In 2017, I moved to Australia where she worked in Dr. Damia Mawad group at the University of New South Wales (UNSW, Sydney). From October 2017 to August 2018 I was an associate research fellow in the HEARing CRC at the Intelligent Polymer Research Institute (University of Wollongong) under the supervision of Prof. Gordon Wallace. In 2018, I was awarded a "VR International Postdoc" grant in partnership with Herland Lab at KTH and Mawad Lab at UNSW.  I am currently a Marie Curie Fellow with the project "Bioresorbable Organic Electronic Devices (BioResORGEL)".


If you are interested in performing your master's thesis as a part of our team, feel free to contact me directly with your motivation and interests.

For more information on ongoing projects, you can check: https://www.herlandlab.com/research/organic-bioelectronics/

Interdisciplinary Networks

AIMES Center for the Advancement of Integrated Medical and Engineering Sciences

Digital Futures


Medical Sensors (EK2380), teacher | Course web

PhD course Advances in Biomaterials for Biomedicine and Clinical Applications (5565), teacher


Examensarbete inom Teknisk kemi, grundnivå (KA103X), assistent | Kurswebb

Examensarbete inom bioteknik, grundnivå (BB103X), lärare | Kurswebb

Medicinska sensorer (EK2380), lärare | Kurswebb