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Amir A. Zadpoor's KTH Solid Mechanics KEYNOTE seminar "Meta-biomaterials"

Tid: To 2024-04-18 kl 16.15 - 17.45

Plats: zoom

Medverkande: Professor Amir A. Zadpoor, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands

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Abstract. This talk centers on meta-biomaterials, unique biomaterials with distinct geometrical, physical, and biological properties derived from their small-scale design. These materials offer potential in tissue regeneration, infection prevention, and various biomedical applications. Three primary challenges in meta-biomaterials research are addressed: design, manufacturing, and performance evaluation. The "rational design" process leverages computational models, artificial intelligence, and mathematical techniques to create complex geometries and spatial distributions. Manufacturing these intricate designs requires specialized techniques, including 3D and 4D printing, origami, and kirigami. Finally, evaluating the performance involves in vitro, ex vivo, on-chip, and in vivo assays. Developments at macro-, micro-, and nanoscales are discussed, focusing on meta-biomaterials for treating complex bony diseases. Macro-scale applications cover patient-specific and deployable implants, while micro-scale considerations include auxetic meta-biomaterials and multi-material 3D printing. Nanoscale discussions revolve around nanopatterns for enhanced osteointegration, bactericidal properties, and immune response modulation. Future research will focus on biological performance and the interaction of these materials with multiple cell types under realistic biomechanical conditions, particularly involving osteoimmunomodulatory pathways. This represents the next crucial step in the advancement of meta-biomaterials.