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Invitation: Swedish Society of Biomechanics meeting 20-21 March 2019

Hosted by KTH BioMEx

Tid: On 2019-03-20 - To 2019-03-21

Plats: Skåvsjöholm Conference center/retreat

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We are looking forward to welcome you to the Swedish Society of Biomechanics meeting 20-21 March 2019!

You and your group of colleagues, PhD students and post docs in Sweden, who research in areas in or related to biomechanics. Some of you are key industry and clinical contacts as well. Feel free to forward this email to anyone I might have missed.
20 March (approximately 10.00) to 21 March (approximately 15.00), including dinner and overnight at the conference center.
Skåvsjöholm Conference center/retreat: https://www.skavsjoholm.se/
Near Åkersberga, around 40 minutes commute from Stockholm, at a lovely setting near the sea.
The schedule is not finalized yet, but we hope some of you will consider holding a presentation. We will also most likely have one parallel session with focus workshops in certain areas, and will have a student/post doc workshop as well.
Students and post docs are encouraged to bring a poster. We will have a best poster contest.
The KTH BioMEx Center will finance the conference again with ‘helpension’ (location, meals, room, etc.). Your only costs will be for travel, provided you register (or change your registration) in time.
Please contact Lanie Gutierrez Farewik: lanie@mech.kth.se
Registration deadline:
Tuesday 12 February 2019
Hope to see you in March in the beautiful Stockholm archipelago setting!
Best wishes,
On behalf of the KTH BioMEx management board Christian Gasser, Lisa Prahl Wittberg, Rodrigo Moreno, Svein Kleiven and Ruoli Wang
On behalf of the SSB board: Hanna Isaksson (LTH), Toni Arndt (GIH), Rodrigo Moreno (KTH), Jonas Stålhand (LiU), Laszlo Fuchs (KTH), Cecilia Persson (UU), Josefine Eriksson Naili (KI) and Joeri Kok (LTH)

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