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Jay D. Humphrey’s KEYNOTE seminar “Mechanical Homeostasis and Soft Tissue Growth and Remodeling”

Tid: On 2021-02-10 kl 16.15

Plats: zoom

Föreläsare: Professor Jay D. Humphrey, Yale University, US.

Jay_Humphrey_Feb_10_2021.pdf (pdf 158 kB)

Abstract. Homeostasis is a ubiquitous biological process that tends to maintain key regulated variables near preferred values, called set-points. Mechanical homeostasis exists at sub-cellular, cellular, and tissue levels in the vasculature [1] and is critical to vessel maintenance as well as in adaptations to altered hemodynamics, disease progression, and responses to injury. In this talk, we will consider how the concept of homeostasis is fundamental to regulation of the extracellular matrix [2] and how it can guide the development of computational approaches for modeling tissue-level growth and remodeling. Different illustrative examples will be drawn from vascular remodeling and disease progression, including tissue engineering and hypertension [3].

[1] Humphrey JD (2008) Vascular adaptation and mechanical homeostasis at tissue, cellular, and sub-cellular levels. Cell Biochem Biophys 50: 53-78.

[2] Humphrey JD, Dufrense E, Schwartz MA (2014) Mechanotransduction and extracellular matrix homeostasis. Nat Rev Mol Cell Biol 15: 802-812.

[3] Humphrey JD (2021) Constrained mixture models of tissue growth and remodeling – twenty years after. J Elasticity (in press)

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