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Ole Sigmund's KEYNOTE seminar “Multi-scale Topology Optimization”

Tid: To 2020-11-12 kl 16.15 - 17.30

Plats: https://kth-se.zoom.us/j/66164228646

Föreläsare: Prof. Ole Sigmund, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Technical University of Denmark

Ole_sigmund_Nov_12_2020.pdf (pdf 153 kB)

Abstract.  Topology optimization was introduced as a multi-scale approach in the seminal paper by Bendsøe and Kikuchi from 1988. However, simpler isotropic density interpolation schemes soon substituted the original homogenization-based approach and have contributed to the breathtaking development of topology optimization methods – lately further spurred by the popularization and availability of advanced 3d printing techniques making it possible to realize complex, highly optimized topology optimized structures.

Multi-scale or homogenization-based topology optimization approaches have recently been revived, partly to save computational costs in giga-resolution studies and party due to the possibility of building structures with architected infill through additive manufacturing techniques.

The talk will give an overview of various techniques to perform multi-scale topology optimization and how to extract optimized designs through subsequent de-homogenization. This includes discussions of what microstructures are optimal for what loading conditions. For example, closed-walled microstructures are known to be stiffness optimal but may fail due to local buckling for low volume fractions.

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Tillhör: KTH Solid Mechanics seminar series
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