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Engineering Geology

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Welcome to AE2401 Engineering Geology


If you are a student at KTH and would like to register manually to this course, please contact the student counselor office at the ABE school, masterprogram@abe.kth.se. They will arrange with all administration and check that you are eligible to take the course. The course responsible teacher cannot register students, but only answer questions regarding course content.

Access to course platform on Canvas

To access the internal course webpage, go to https://canvas.kth.se/ and search among courses. Note that only students registered to the course have access (se above for how to register).

Registration without being enrolled in a master program at KTH

The course is generally only open for enrolled master students.

Upon request, KTH can offer the course to employees of companies for a fee payable by the company (private individuals cannot use this option). Contact the course responsible for more information.