If we would like feedback and constructive critique from somebody more than just our supervisor, could we ask here and let some other students read and react about our project draft and about our lab environment so far or should we just take any person that we think is "right" to read and give feedback?

We already received some good feedback from a Ph D student that I know personally when I emailed him a copy of our report draft.

Is it ok if I just post a link here to our draft asking for feedback and constructive critique?

We have set up a lab environment with FPGA and embedded linux for our project that we call "Formal Models of Hardware Peripherals". Our results so far is setting up the lab environment (Altera DE2 with embedded uCLinux that can connect via the serial RS-232 interface), a Quartus Qsys project for the hardware that runs Linux in the FPGA, we have learnt SMV and NuSMV and written small rather simple formal models for security with physical connections.