Research project in Robotics, Perception and Learning

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In this course, the students will carry out a scientific study, working on a real (sub-)problem from current research in the Robotics, Perception, and Learning lab. The study, including the search for relevant literature, will be supervised by a researcher or senior PhD student, who will also provide the problem, see the list of available problems to choose from.

The design of the study, pre-study results, and half-time evaluation will be presented and discussed in seminars.

The results of the study will be presented as the method and results sections of a scientific paper. The format of the paper will follow that of a relevant venue, and when applicable, students will be encouraged and supported to submit high quality papers to real venues.

The project will be evaluated by the successful presentation in seminars (LAB1, 7.5 hp), and the final production of the paper sections (LAB2, 7.5 hp).

NOTE: You must have a project and a supervisor approved by the course examiner before registering on the course. This means that you first agree with the supervisor of your project, and then send an e-mail to the examiner (with supervisor in CC) to inform about your project.

Projects will be posted here.


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