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Page Can read Last changed
Kursdata & kursanalysAdministrators2018-10-05
Kurs-PM (historik)Administrators2018-10-05
Asking for Efficient Clarification to Resolve Ambiguities in Human-Robot InteractionLogged in users2020-11-28
Building feminist social robotsLogged in users2020-11-28
Creating a human-like guesser for the MedAndraOrd gameLogged in users2020-11-28
Creating robots for children with childrenLogged in users2020-11-28
Developing Modalities for Social Robots to Promote Prosocial BehavioursLogged in users2021-11-10
Exploring the identity of Embodied Artificial AgentsLogged in users2020-11-28
Frustration Recognition During Gamified TrainingLogged in users2021-11-10
Human-Centered Approach for Semi-situated Robot Learning through CrowdsourcingStudents2020-11-28
Machine learning for manipulationLogged in users2018-10-29
Nonverbal behaviors for social robots in groupsLogged in users2020-11-28
Perceived Safety in Human-Drone InteractionLogged in users2020-11-28
Project pagesLogged in users2020-11-28
Projects starting Spring 2022Logged in users2021-11-10
The Impact of Leveraging Explainability to Understand Human InstructionsLogged in users2020-11-28
Previous years' projectsLogged in users2021-10-21

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