Robotics and Autonomous Systems

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This course has a limited number of places. You have to apply for the course on time and you will be admitted in competition with other students. If your coordinator or you yourself add you to the course without getting an approval from the person responsible from the course you will most likely not be able to take the course.

This course is an advanced course in computer science running over two period and focusing on the broad, inter-disciplinary field of robotics. A mixture between theory and practice is provided. You build and program an autonomous robot to put the knowledge acquired in this course and others to use. In how many other courses have you really had to solve a real problem from scratch, including hardware, software, control, sensing, etc? In how many courses did you put what you learned to use? This is the course where you get to do this!

In the first period, we go through the theory. About halfway through the first period the lab opens up so that the practical part of the course can start. You will spend roughly 40% of the time in period 1 and 60% in period 2.

Student need to be ready to invest a significant amount of time. The course is worth 9hp which should correspond to 6 weeks of full time studies (i.e. 240h) and most students report that they spend this much, i.e. a lot more than on most other courses worth 9hp. To take the course you need to be willing to invest this time. It is worth it big time (this is what almost all of the students say after the course ) but it takes time. It is not recommended to read more than one additional course in parallel with the project work (that is stick to the normal nominal pace during the second period).

If you want more detailed information about the hardware we used last time take a look at 
The KTH robotics course wiki


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