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Välkommen till kurswebben!

Detta är kurswebben för 2016 års upplaga av KTH-kursen DM2571 "Future of media". Kursen hålls helt och hållet på engelska. Därför hänvisar vi till den engelska versionen av webbsidan, där du kan hitta all viktig information om kursstart, schema med mera.

Welcome to the course website!

This is the website for the 2016 edition of the KTH course DM2571 "Future of media". The course has a new theme every year and at the first lecture we will reveal this year's theme. (Last year's theme was "The future of Stortytelling").
The course starts on Tuesday August 30 (08.15-10.00 in room Q31). If you plan to take the course, make sure to come to the first lecture, where we will give you a large amount of practical and important information about the course and about this year's theme.
Do note that the schedule (which can be found here) will be pretty full with lectures and seminars during the first seven weeks of the course (week 36-42 - Wednesday August 31 to Friday October 14) and that these activities are not optional to attend (i.e. the course requirement - the major part of the examination for the first half of the course - is set to 75% attendance). The good news is that we will be visited by a large number of high-profile guests from the academy, from industry and from non-governmental agencies (NGOs). The high requirements on attendance will also be "compensated" by the almost total absence of scheduled activities during the second half of the autumn term when students will instead work with their group projects and can thus schedule your time however you wish.
This website will be used as a one-way channel to spread timely administrative and practical information during the course. As a student attending the course, you also have the option of commenting on the site (for example to ask questions) instead of sending mail to the teachers. That way the whole class can benefit from seeing your questions as well as the answer.
If you plan to take the course, please check out this website regularly, i.e. at least a few times a week.
That's all for now, see you on August 30!

Daniel Pargman (head teacher) and Malin Picha Edwardsson (assistant teacher)


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