Distributed Systems, Advanced Course

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Course objective

The course complements Distributed Systems Basic Course (ID2201), and prepares the students for M.Sc projects, and Ph.D. studies in the area of distributed systems. The main objective of this course is to provide the students with a solid foundation for understanding, and specifying distributed services, and designing and analyzing distributed algorithms for reliable and fault-tolerant  implementations of these distributed services. The services studied are typical in modern data-centers and cloud computing infrastructures. 

Course syllabus

  • Intro to Distributed Systems
  • Basic Abstractions and Failure Detectors
  • Reliable and Causal Order Broadcast 
  • Distributed Shared Memory
  • Consensus (Paxos, Raft, etc.)
  • Dynamic Reconfiguration
  • Time Abstractions and Interval Clocks (Spanner etc.)
  • Consistent Snapshotting (Stream Data Management)
  • Distributed ACID Transactions (Cloud DBs)


A basic course in distributed systems (equivalent to Distributed Systems Basic Course - ID2201).


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