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Paris Carbone

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I am an Assistant Professor in scalable data management and leader of the Continuous Deep Analytics group, a joint effort at KTH and RISE funded by SSF. My research interests gravitate around distributed computing, programming languages, databases and data science with the aim to find new means of simplifying and evolving further scalable data management. I currently co-supervise the following PhD students: Zainab Abbas, Klas SegeljaktMax Meldrum, Harald Ng and Sonia-Florina Horchidan at KTH and Adam Hasselberg and Jonas Spenger (industrial PhD) at RISE.

Several parts of my work have been contributed to leading data processing open source systems and are being used in production 24/7 over the last few years. Examples of such systems are Apache Flink® (Asynchronous Epoch Commit), Apache Storm (State Checkpointing Mechanism) and Apache Samoa (Flink Backend). I previously got a PhD from KTH with distinct contributions in state management for unbounded data processing, window computation sharing and iterative analytics. - PhD Thesis: Scalable and Reliable Data Stream Processing  (Disp. 2018-09-28)


Data Storage Paradigms (IV1351), course responsible, teacher | Course web

Degree Project in Computer Science and Engineering, specialising in ICT Innovation, Second Cycle (DA258X), examiner | Course web

Degree Project in Computer Science and Engineering, specializing in Software Engineering for Distributed Systems, Second Cycle (DA240X), examiner | Course web

Distributed Systems, Advanced Course (ID2203), examiner, course responsible | Course web

Research Course in Distributed Systems (FID3011), examiner | Course web