Distributed Computing, Peer-to-Peer and GRIDS

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This course shall lead to deepened knowledge in distributed systems and algorithms specially for fully decentralized systems such as peer-to-peer systems. The topic of Distributed Systems is now garnering increasing importance, especially with the advancement in technology of the Internet and WWW.

Learning objectives

The learning goals of this course is to provide students with basic concepts and principles of large-scale dynamic distributed systems and distributed algorithms. The course is taught in seminar style, and several case studies are included.

The student should be able to:

  • Explain the common concepts of P2P, e.g., DHT, gossip based algorithms and content distribution.
  • Implement in a simulator environment some of P2P algorithms.
  • Write a summary and present the basic ideas of some recent research papers in the field and give a critical view of the contribution and the cons and pros of the papers.
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