Developing Mobile Applications

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Välkommen till ID2216!

Denna kurs ges på Engelska, se nedan för kursbeskrivning på dito språk.

Welcome to ID2216: Developing Mobile Applications

The course is an introductory course in technologies to create mobile applications and mobile services. The course will teach the student’s efficient methods and practice on how to create native (Android) and platform independent (Web) mobile applications, as well as techniques for developing basic mobile services.

There are many mobile platforms available to help you build an app —  quickly, and cost effectively. With a small investment, you can create and manage your mobile site or application. However, developing mobile applications is still a complex process that involves choosing between many different technologies as well as being able to understand and interact with many actors in the mobile ecosystem.   

The course addresses some of the difficulties in creating applications that will work on a wide variety of different real-world devices: (i) understand how user requirements and new business models create successfully mobile apps and services, (ii) managing different properties between various devices, and (iii) integrate and streamline external services for new mobile apps and novel user experience.

The course takes therefore a more holistic approach rather than just look into actual programming of mobile device. Starting from a user-perspective we explore some methods for observing mobile everyday behaviors,  and how to use low-cost tools prototyping tools that quickly can test ideas and explore feasibility. Knowing better what we want we can then choose and select appropriate tools for implementation. Almost all mobile applications rely on content or services and we also need to understand how to connect our App to different cloud-based and web services.Last, but not least, to start gaining the advantages of offering a dedicated mobile experience, including increased awareness, engagement and revenue, we need to deploy our service at different mobile marketplaces and establish partnerships with content and service provider.


Examiner / Teacher : Konrad Tollmar <>
Teacher : Pietro Lungaro <>

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