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Page Can read Last changed
Kursdata & kursanalysAdministrators2016-09-12
Kurs-PM (historik)Administrators2016-09-12
Learning outcomesAdministrators2017-10-12

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Page Can read Last changed
ID2216-2016-Grp01: KampusStudents2016-03-20
1 - Paper PrototypeLogged in users2015-12-15
1. Paper PrototypeStudents2015-12-17
1. Working with the prototypeStudents2015-12-10
2 - Web App PrototypeLogged in users2015-12-15
2. Balsamiq MockupStudents2015-12-17
2. Web appStudents2015-12-10
3 - Android PrototypeLogged in users2015-12-15
3. Native Android prototypeStudents2015-12-10
3. Web App PrototypeStudents2015-12-17
4 - Web and Android App MashupLogged in users2015-12-15
4. Native App PrototypeStudents2015-12-18
4. Web- and Android App MashupStudents2015-12-10
5. Getting closer to deadlineStudents2015-12-19
Group 01 - Who is the chef?Students2016-12-12
Group 02 - HiddenCityStudents2016-12-13
Group 04 - WeCallLogged in users2016-12-13
Group 1 - BitSplitLogged in users2015-12-14
Group 10 - Role Play GameStudents2016-12-13
Group 11 - HikeMappLogged in users2017-01-04
Group 12 - DajnerLogged in users2017-01-16
Group 2 - Cognitive AidStudents2015-11-23
Group 3 - BackTrackLogged in users2016-01-04
Group 3 - ShareItLogged in users2016-12-12
Group 4 - Social HelperLogged in users2016-01-06
Group 5 - MySLLogged in users2016-12-13
Group 5 - TrackItStudents2015-12-14
Group 6 - Album of the DayStudents2015-12-19
Group 6 - Shopping listLogged in users2016-12-13
Group 7 - EnCompassLogged in users2016-12-13
Group9 - ToiveLogged in users2016-12-13
ID2216-2015-Grp00: XYZStudents2016-01-21
ID2216-2015-Grp01 - Health AppLogged in users2015-10-26
ID2216-2015-Grp02 - Diet AppLogged in users2015-02-25
ID2216-2015-Grp03 MeetAppStudents2015-02-25
ID2216-2015-Grp04 - FinderStudents2015-02-25
ID2216-2015-Grp05 μVoteLogged in users2015-03-01
ID2216-2015-Grp06 ChiizStudents2015-02-25
ID2216-2015-Grp07 GeoQuizLogged in users2015-02-25
ID2216-2015-Grp08 - ParkeringsappenLogged in users2015-02-24
ID2216-2015-Grp09 Price ComparatorStudents2015-02-25
ID2216-2015-Grp10 AllGameShopLogged in users2015-02-25
ID2216-2015-Grp10: Online BoardStudents2016-03-10
ID2216-2015-Grp11 Freedom ChatStudents2015-02-25
ID2216-2015-Grp11: Challenge AllStudents2016-03-10
ID2216-2015-Grp13 OnTimeStudents2015-02-25
ID2216-2015-Grp14 Face on!Logged in users2015-02-25
ID2216-2015-Grp14: CommuneffectiveStudents2016-03-10
ID2216-2015-Grp15 iDayCareLogged in users2015-02-25
ID2216-2015-Grp16 - SportsMeetUpLogged in users2015-02-24
ID2216-2015-Grp17-TripsterLogged in users2015-02-25
ID2216-2015-Grp20 iCheckoutLogged in users2015-02-25
ID2216-2016-Grp02: SensStudents2016-03-11
ID2216-2016-Grp04: PaladarStudents2016-03-10
ID2216-2016-Grp05: Sales RingStudents2016-03-09
ID2216-2016-Grp06: The Super GroupStudents2016-03-10
ID2216-2016-Grp07: BarsStudents2016-03-10
ID2216-2016-Grp08: EventerStudents2016-03-10
ID2216-2016-Grp12: WeShareStudents2016-03-10
ID2216-2016-Grp13: The Hateful FiveStudents2016-03-10
ID2216-2017-Group03: Order & ChillLogged in users2017-03-07
ID2216-2017-Group04-Room of RequirementStudents2017-03-09
ID2216-2017-Group05-ExerniceLogged in users2017-03-10
ID2216-2017-Group07-BandLogged in users2017-02-02
ID2216-2017-Group08: Campus BuddyLogged in users2017-03-07
ID2216-2017-Group09: FoodiesLogged in users2017-03-08
ID2216-2017-Group10: SelleriLogged in users2017-03-08
ID2216-2017-Group12: UniBook Logged in users2017-03-13
ID2216-2017-Group13: TeamAppStudents2017-03-10
ID2216-2017-Group14: JobinoStudents2017-03-16
ID2216-2017-Group15-BeerMeLogged in users2017-03-13
ID2216-2017-Group16-MovsicLogged in users2017-12-20
ID2216-Grp01: AssignmentsStudents2016-03-20
ID2216-Grp01: NewsStudents2016-03-20
ID2216-Grp01: Opposition of Grp14Students2016-03-16
Paper prototype&Web App PrototypeStudents2016-02-08
Project Proposal pageStudents2016-02-01
Projects HT2015Logged in users2016-01-18
Projects HT2016Logged in users2016-12-13
Projects VT2015Logged in users2016-01-18
Projects VT2016Students2016-03-10
Projects VT2017Logged in users2017-12-20
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