Supervision and Assessment of Degree Project Work in First and Second Cycle

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Please note, prerequisites for 3 credits higher education pedagogical course.

This course is designed in the following way:

Meetings: 5 workshops (see details about workshops below).
Independent work: Analysis of current practices and development strategies. This work should be finalized with a written report that will be peer reviewed and updated to the final version.

Schedule autumn semester 2022.

Date Time Meeting
26 September 13.15-16.00 Workshop A - Online
3 October 13.15-16.00 Workshop B - Lallerstedt KTHB
17 October 13.15-16.00 Workshop C - Lallerstedt KTHB
7 November 09.15-12.00 Workshop D - Lallerstedt KTHB
14 November 13.15-16.00 Workshop E - Lallerstedt KTHB
2 December Draft report deadline. Uploaded in Canvas
16 December Peer feedback deadline. Uploaded in Canvas
9 January 2022 Final report. Uploaded in Canvas

Details about the workshops

Workshop A - Regulating documents/Examiner's role
Workshop leader: Anna-Karin Högfeldt

The main target area with this workshop are the regulating documents for degree project work on 1st and 2nd cycle that are effective from July 2015. We will also look at current general regulating documents concerning the exercise of [public] authority (myndighetsutövning).

Worskhop B - Supervision
Workshop leader: Anna-Karin Högfeldt

In this workshop we will practice Attentive listener, Coaching without telling and Giving criticism. We will also explore different roles and actions as supervisors. Students activity and ownership, possibilities to develop self-regulated learning will also be discussed. A paper on supervision "Multivoiced supervision of Master s students a case study of alternative supervision practices in higher education" will be read and discussed.

Workshop C - Information literacy among students
Workshop leader: Magdalena Svanberg or Miritt Zisser, KTH Library

In this workshop students' information literacy is adressed as a set of key skills contributing  to a well executed degree project work. Bring reports that your students have written!

Workshop D - Academic writing
Workshop leaders: Jamie Rinder, KTH Language department

Prepare by reading: Nicol and Macfarlane Dick. “Formative assessment and self regulated learning: a model and seven principles of good feedback practice”. Studies in Higher Education. (2006), Vol 31(2), 199-218, 2006.  This paper emhasizes the self-regulated learning among students, and how feedback can support the development of this. We find this as a key starting point when working with feedback on students' writing.

Workshop E - Sustainable development and gender equality on and in degree project works*
Workshop leaders: Anne-Kathrin Peters and Lotta Nilsson

In this workshop we will explore ways, in our roles as supervisors and examiners of degree project works, to meet the law´s requirements on active measures for equal conditions, gender mainstreaming in higher education and promotion of sustainable development. We will explore how we can integrate equal conditions and gender equality into our tutoring, what ethical issues are important to address with our students and how this can be done in practice, what educational activities can we organize in our supervision groups to include such issues? And how do we include gender equality and sustainable development perspectives on degree projects that do not clearly already have a pronounced gender or sustainable development profile?

Prerequisite for LH219V is: FLH3000 or LH231V or LH207V or equivalent courses in Teaching and Learning in Higher education, of at least 3 credits.
LH219V is tailored for teachers at KTH. It is included in course offerings that meet KTH's requirement of 15 credits in academic teaching for employment or promotion to a teaching position.

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