I am doing the assignment 2, but I run into a problem. Could anyone who sees this do me a favor?

1) Assignment 2, Page 5,"the linkage and its rotational joints represent a certain stiffness (K=100Nm/rad) and damping (C=75Nms/rad)."

The angle (rad) here is referring to the angle of rotor of motor, or the road wheel steering angle?

2) When the rack move a distance of x, the two road wheels will rotate accordingly but with different angles. If so, does it mean that actually the two road wheels do not start rotating simultaneously?

3) In order to make the wheels rotate, the force applied on rack by pinion should get over only the friction torque on wheels or a combination of friction torque and rotational stiffness torque? I think it makes no difference that you pull a object on ground with a spring and you pull it without using a spring. In these ways, you must pull it as much force. What do you think of it?

Thank you for your attention!

Han Yuan(hyuan@kth.se)