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MATLAB is an interactive program library for numerical computation and visualisation. MATLAB has become a standard tool in research and engineering, and is used in many courses at KTH.

The course aims to provide general understanding of MATLAB as a programming language and give necessary experience for courses using MATLAB as a learning tool.

Students graduating from the course shall be able to, starting from a given technical situation and given mathematical formulas, to plan, program, present and defend a solution to a mechanical problem using MATLAB.


The course is a self-study course. You work with the course material and MATLAB either at a KTH computer room or at home. You can download MATLAB at KTH Software Download.

There are no scheduled lectures or labs, but tutor support is provided, when needed.

Since it is a self-study course then you can start the course whenever you like during the academic year. Contact Ulf Carlsson for further information.

Please see the course Canvas pages for information on the course material and examination.