High-Speed Craft

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There are various motivations for travelling in high-speed at sea. For example for search and rescue vessels it is crucial to quickly respond to life threatening situations; for patrol craft it may be the ability to cover large coastal areas or intercept threats; while for racing boats it is the urge to win. Independently of which motivation and what type of craft, designing high-speed craft involves great engineering challenges, where the hull geometry, structure, engine and propulsion arrangement, and crew and passenger safety and comfort, have to be carefully balanced to make the craft safe and efficient to a feasible cost and with limited environmental impact.

The purpose with this course is to:

- deepen your general knowledge and skills in mechanical engineering and engineering design,

- develop your engineering communication skills and engineering judgement, and

- make you prepared to meet some of the challenges involved in high-speed craft design.

You will learn about and implement methods for hydrodynamic and structure analysis and apply these methods when designing a particular high-speed craft.



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