FEM Modelling

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Welcome to the course SE2860 FEM modelling

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The finite element method (FEM) is a powerful tool to solve PDE problems in engineering. Efficient use of FEM requires that the modelling of the physical phenomenon, or phenomena, of interest is carried out in an appropriate way. This course focuses on the modelling aspects of solving problems with the finite element method. Most of the effort will be spent on structural mechanical problems, where the deformation is due to non-trivial loads that may depend on the solution of problems from other fields of physics. For instance, if the deformation in a structure is driven by a heat flow, a heat transfer problem must be solved in addition to the structural problem. This can be done in a separate step or in a fully coupled manner. As another example, consider a fluid that interacts with a solid in such a way that the deformation of the solid affects the flow of the fluid which in turn may affect the deformation of the solid. A problem of this kind is often called a multiphysics problem (even though they are intra physics problems). The main objective of the course is to expand and improve the participants’ abilities and skills in technical modelling of complex engineering multiphysics problems by use of FEM.


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