Electromagnetism and Waves

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Course SK1118 under second period 2020 will be given in both digital and physical forms. This decision was made in consideration that some international students in the TCOMK programme need to carry out at least 50% of their coursework on campus. The updated schedule is shown in the table below. As this course comprises of two blocks of students, one under TCOMK programme and the other under CINTE programme, we plan to let these two blocks to attend physical lecture/exercise sessions in an alternative manner. This rule primarily applies to NINE exercise sessions. If there are lectures immediately preceding the exercises, the same block of students is allowed to attend on that day. The rest lectures will be given online, but Max will try to broadcast in the booked lecture rooms (as in the schedule); those who would like to physically come to these lectures shall apply in advance (limited seats). See the last column of the table for detailed planning. The whole plan is to let you have some close interactions with the teachers throughout the course. If you don't understand some concepts for one lecture or exercise while you are remote, bring your questions to the next lecture or exercise. For all lectures, Max will try to upload online recordings in Canvas, either before or after the actual lectures.

The Pre Exam will be held online, and the Final Exam will be held on campus.

The course will be managed predominantly via Canvas.

Welcome to SK1118!

[Download a PDF version of the table below.]


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