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Page Can read Last changed
Course codes, coordinators, and linked study programsLogged in users2024-01-24
Application and work processLogged in users2023-10-04
Finding a projectLogged in users2021-12-20
List of project proposalsLogged in users2024-01-15
Degree project abroad & MFSLogged in users2022-06-13
Template for Internship AgreementLogged in users2023-10-04
Insurance and liabilityLogged in users2021-12-16
Time frameLogged in users2021-12-20
CanvasLogged in users2023-01-25
Thesis proposal & Project planLogged in users2022-12-04
Report instructionsLogged in users2024-02-13
Submit final revised reportLogged in users2024-06-17
Report final gradeLogged in users2022-09-11
Confidentiality & public accessLogged in users2022-09-06
Examination and grading criteriaLogged in users2022-06-17
Final seminar & oppositionLogged in users2024-06-17
Seminar weeks & sign upLogged in users2024-03-19
From 2024 all presentations will be listed only at CanvasLogged in users2024-03-19

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Wiki pages are directed to the whole group and placed under the wiki. All members and administrators can edit the pages.

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