Degree Project at Sustainable Development, Environmental Science and Engineering (SEED)

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Welcome to the course web site for the Degree Project at SEED. This course web is a joint page for all degree project courses at SEED - the Department of Sustainable Development, Environmental Science and Engineering. This page is open for all and can be viewed by companies and students before registering for the course. 

The degree projects are part of following master programmes at SEED.

Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Infrastructure

Sustainable Technology

Sustainable Urban Planning and Design

The thesis is the final course of the program when you complete an academic work at advanced level during a semester. On this page you will find all information about the degree project at SEED. General guidelines which deal with privacy, copyright, compensation etc. can be found under KTH Degree Project Portal.

If you have any questions regarding supervisor & examiner, please read course information and contact the below course responsible of the respective courses

AL227X - Monika Olsson (

AL230X - Katrin Grünfeld (

AL250X - Anna Björklund (

AF283X - Anders Wörman (

Compulsory elements

The MSc thesis project work includes some compulsory elements, namely:

  • The degree project shall result in a written thesis report that is presented orally in a publicly announced seminar arranged by the Department. In case the degree project is carried out at a company, an additional presentation at the company may be required.
  • The student should also make a peer review and an oral opposition of the degree project of another student, which means act as the opponent for another student’s Master thesis.

Grading criteria

Master degree projects at KTH are graded as Pass/Fail. Evaluation criteria are available here:

Evaluation criteria in Swedish

Evaluation criteria in English


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