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full scale studio 16-17

Master Studio 1 at KTH School of Architecture


Studio 1: FULL SCALE is a master studio at KTH School of Architecture. The studio is a study in making; an investigation of building processes.
To build is a direct way of acting out architecture. It is to make material perform like it never knew it could. To build is to be a thoroughly active designer with a conscious overview and yet constant flexibility. Engaging in such processes of production and immediacy might be just what the world needs architects to do next.
Through being an active part of building processes of different scales, Studio 1 focus on personal experiences and better knowledge of the production chain. The idea is to encounter constructions real-time rather than through simulated cases. Structural durability, materiality and detailing become unavoidable topics early on rather than last minute add-ons. Relations between resources, site, architecture, craft and mass-production will be exposed, feeding back into a critical approach and ultimately to a more confident conceptual focus. The idea is to be a player before becoming a coach.