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UNITE! Staff Mobility 4 All

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Staff Mobility 4 All

in UNITE!, University Network for Innovation, Technology and Engineering.


UNITE! will develop a joint campus, both physical and virtual, for smooth trans-European education paths and innovative inter-university teams, opening its unique learning, research and innovation facilities to all alliance partners.

UNITE! will pioneer new concepts of education in science, technology and engineering through innovative pedagogies and take advantage of the broad spectrum of disciplines, beyond their common core in science and engineering, to integrate multidisciplinarity with arts, design, business, humanities and social sciences.


- Mobility for all staff, including thematic staff weeks and a teaching staff pilot community that will test innovative ways of teaching.

- Developing a common framework for future regulatory harmonisation processes as a first step to removing structural barriers.

- Pioneering new concepts of education and research in science, technology and engineering through novel structures such as a Teaching and Learning Academy.

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