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Elizabeth Keller

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Elizabeth is currently teaching a pedagogical course for Ph.D. students at KTH who act as graduate teaching assistants. Previously, she taught English for Specific Purposes and Portuguese as a second language for a number of years in three countries. Her present position at the Department of Learning in Engineering Sciences has provided her with opportunities to become involved in areas linked to academic development. In addition to academic responsibilities (Unit Learning in STEM), she acts as administrative support to continuing education courses (lifelong learning) at the Unit Digital Learning.

Together with nine European partner universities, Elizabeth has been involved in designing a programme for multicultural and multilingual competencies for staff, and has been involved in a SEED project to disseminate knowledge of Open Educational Resources (OER).

Her involvement in grassroots initiatives includes topics such as learning in higher education, open educational resources, internationalisation, curriculum agility, integration of sustainable development, digitalisation of higher education, communities of practice, and language policy. She is especially interested in all areas that concern the development of young academic staff within Engineering Education.

Elizabeth's interest in intercultural communication led to her involvement in the early process of approval of KTH's Certificate of Global Competence.

Elizabeth is the coordinator of the Enhancing Higher Education programme. She has been involved in EU projects - UNITE! (the University Network for Innovation, and Technology and Engineering), IDOCOS (Innovative Doctoral Courses for Sustainability), and Nordic Engineering Hub (NordEnHub). She was also involved in the early stages of a SIDA-Bolivia project.


Applied Behavioral Science and Learning: Nudging and Decision Making (LD1008), assistant | Course web

Applied Behavioral Science and Learning: The Science of Sleep (LD1009), examiner, assistant | Course web

Basic Communication and Teaching (FLH3000), course responsible, teacher | Course web

Classroom Psychology: Cognitive Psychology and Learning (LD1001), assistant | Course web

Cognitive Psychology for Teachers: Mathematics (LD1006), assistant | Course web

Digital Presentations and Video in Teaching (LD1005), examiner, assistant | Course web

Digital transformation and Sustainable Development (LD1010), examiner, assistant | Course web

Environmental Psychology and behavior analysis (LD1002), assistant | Course web

Learn to learn mathematics (LD1015), examiner, assistant | Course web

Learn to learn online (LD1000), assistant | Course web

Learning to learn with AI (LD1016), examiner, assistant | Course web

Procrastination and Perfectionism (LD1003), assistant | Course web

Psychology and Critical Thinking (LD1004), assistant | Course web

Study Strategies for Effective Learning (LD1007), assistant | Course web

Sustainable Knowledge Dissemination through OER and Open Science (LD1013), examiner, assistant, teacher | Course web