Basic Communication and Teaching

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Basic communication and teaching is aimed at PhD Students who work with different kinds of teaching. The course consists of group meetings and field studies. The main objective with the course is to provide an opportunity to develop a foundation which enables the development of the participants’ teaching and their students’ learning.

This course is offered only to PhD Students teaching at KTH. It is given four times during the academic year, and is offered in English. No course fee is charged.

Upcoming course offerings:

FLH3000 period 1 and 2 2021 and waiting list are FULLY BOOKED
(schedule in pdf)

Period 3, 2022. FULLY BOOKED.

Online access 25 January Access to Canvas and individual task
Meeting 1 1 February 09:00-12:00, KTH Campus
Meeting 2 8 February 09:00-12:00, Online
Meeting 3 15 February 09:00-12:00, Online
Meeting 4 22 February 09:00-12:00, Online
Meeting 5 15 March 09:00-12:00, Online

Period 4, 2022 APPLICATION FORM.

Online access 19 April Access to Canvas and individual task
Meeting 1 26 April 09:00-12:00, KTH Campus
Meeting 2 3 May 09:00-12:00, Online
Meeting 3 10 May 09:00-12:00, Online
Meeting 4 17 May 09:00-12:00, Online
Meeting 5 31 May 09:00-12:00, Online

SoTL - Conference Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, at KTH

The course has a high demand and the number of applicants often exceeds the number of places. It is important that at registration you are aware that you are expected to spend 80 hours on the course including mandatory meetings during the course period. The course includes group work, individual work, mandatory meetings and online work in Canvas.

The first meeting is mandatory without exception. You have to take part in 5 out of the 6 meetings in order to pass the course. As we have designed the meetings with much interaction between the students, active participation is necessary to make the course both interesting and evolving for you and your course colleagues. There is a preparation task before every meeting.

By attending the meetings you get to practice, listen to others, discuss the topics of the course, and reflect on your own teaching and learning practice. This is an important part of the course.


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