Degree project

This information is for bachelor students year 3 that are going to attend a degree project course.

About the Degree Project for bachelor (basic level, 15 credits)

Course registration and starting of degree project can, at the earliest, take place during the final semester in your degree programme. To start a degree project it is required that courses, that are considered relevant to the degree project, have been passed and that at least 120 credits of completed courses from the programme syllabus have been achieved.

The degree project is part of a in-depth subject study, which means that the degree project should be completed within the in-depth subject that you have been prepared for.

Your degree project work can be performed at a KTH department or at a company. It can also be performed abroad.

The degree project is performed together with another student. Only in exceptional cases it is possible to perform the degree project individually, for instance if you are doing exchange studies.

Degree Project at another school within KTH

If the degree project is carried out at another school within KTH, this must be approved by your Programme Director. It is important that you follow that school's instructions for the degree project. Examiner should be provided by the other school.

Degree Project abroad

If the degree project is carried out abroad, you need a supervisor and examiner at KTH and the project must be approved by your Programme Director.

Recover from failed degree project

If you get the grade “F” on your degree project, for example, it was not completed on time (nominally one year), or lack of quality, you must retake the course and carry out a new degree project. This new degree project must be clearly distinct from the failed degree project. Parts from the already carried out project may, if possible, be reused in the new degree project, such as the literature study and research methods and methodologies. This must however be discussed with your examiner.

Please note that re-registration shall be made on the same course code although a new degree project is carried out.

Academic Resource Center (ARC)

ARC provides support for developing and improving degree projects skills, like academic writing and information retrieval. The center also provides career coaching.

Academic Resource Center

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