Master's Programme, Sustainable Production Development

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Welcome to the masters programme Sustainable Production Development website!

The Sustainable Production Development programme provides state-of-the-art education in the design and development of production systems, needed in order to address emerging challenges. This renewal and transformation of industrial production practice is set by digitisation initiatives and sustainability requirements. Through strong industrial interaction and holistic perspectives, the programme’s courses target three specific profile areas: production management, production logistics and industrial dependability.

Industrial participation is a key component of this programme and is based on close proximity to the world-leading manufacturing facilities of Scania CV and AstraZeneca in Södertälje, as well as a number of SMEs and the infrastructure of Södertälje Science Park. Invited guest lecturers from industry combined with real-life problems give students the opportunity to learn from proven practices.

On these pages students and employees at KTH can share information, discuss or ask questions about everything related to the programme. There are also links to programme related information that may be important for you as a student. All students that are admitted to this programme will automatically get a subscription and therefore receives notifications through e-mail about activities on this page. There is a moderator function that captures unanswered questions to the public agency KTH and sends them on to the proper authorities.

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